Gourmet Chocolate Pecan Pralines


N'awlins. New Orleans. One of my favorite places to visit family, and just hang out.

But not just any place in New Orleans. Destination: French Quarter  Sights, music, and food I love. (I admit--there is also a little bit of party girl down inside). And those pecan pralines you find in the Quarter. Indescribably delicious.
And so are these chocolate pecan pralines, rich, sweet, delicious --a salute to all that’s sweet in the Big Easy.

One pound with Collector's Keepsake Box - $42.00
One-Pound box - $22.00
Half-pound - $12.00

Keepsake Box with One pound Gourmet Chocolate Pecan Pralines $42


Gourmet Gourmet Chocolate Pecan Pralines
One-pound box $22


Gourmet Gourmet Chocolate Pecan Praline
Half-pound $11


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